About Ken

Dr. Bartholomew

Kenneth Bartholomew MD

Dr. B is an accomplished family physician, author, instructor, outdoorsman and general aviation pilot.

Ken’s Experience

Kenneth Bartholomew MD

With 40 years of practice and over 2,000 hours of flight time, Ken has excelled at what he does.

Medical & Adventure

Kenneth Bartholomew MD

Dr. B is the author of intriguing books in the medical and adventures genres. His specialty lies in the thoroughness and research he undertakes before writing and publishing.

Books Published

  • Last Flight for Whiskey Mike
  • Disuse Atrophy, Your Brain, and Your Future
  • Doctor, Please Close the Door
  • Knowledge Coupling (Co-Author)

Additional Books Available


Doctor, Please Close The Door

A book on Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, terminal care, and the right to die with dignity.

(Only available through the author. Email author.)